in Naya Creations you can find projects for the "Lego WeDo 2.0" and "Lego Boost" educational robotics package


each project include:

  1. Step by step very detailed building instructions for model construction.

  2. Programs for the “Lego Education” platform

  3. Programs and scripts for the “Scratch Desktop” platform

Also you will find videos, additional information and support for model and software development.

Go to any project and give the code you will find in the end of each ebook in scratch section,

You can download:

  • Scratch files with sprites, costumes, backdrops etc.

  • Scratch Program in sb3

  • Pdf file of entire project

   try the project Euclid

1. visit amazon and get the ebook with the project "Euclid"

2. Βuild the model

3. Go to project "Euclid" and give the code you will find in Ebook 

3. Download the files of project

4. Τry the programs

if you have any questions or for any information

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